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Her husband was out on the lake fishing. I couldn't pass up an opportunity like that, so I jumped her. I steered her into the tiny bedroom of the cabin and helped her remove her clothes. The coupling was not a success. I thought I put on a pretty good show, but I didn't convince anybody, including her husband.

When her spouse got back to shore, I guess she told him what happened, because he took her by the hand and led her into the bedroom and closed the door behind them.

I heard the bumps and thumps and yelps and giggles as I sat at the kitchen table drinking a beer and thumbing through a magazine. They returned shortly. My friend was tucking his shirt into his trousers. He gave me a dirty look. Clearly he was very disappointed.

"I'm going to call you 'Dusty' from now on," he said. His wife hooted. I looked from one to the other. "What are you talking about?" I said.

Story by:

Jack Swenson

submitted at 2:35am

22 July 2009