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Distance And Time

It's raining again. Or, it's raining still.

The days and nights and days and nights just bleed together, and it's hard to say when one starts and one ends.

There are no glowing sunrises, and no burning sunsets to inspire, or to mark the passing of time. The coral clouds have all disappeared. The birds hide in their nests. There's nothing to set my foot to tapping. Not much music left to dance to. Nothing to cut through the overcast sky. There's no crack for the light of the moon and stars to enter. There's no movement on the ceiling above my bed. The sound of the passing traffic doesn't change.

I only notice the blur of time passing through the growing scars on my face, and from my distance from you, and from my distance from me. From the unconquerable distance from the dreams I once held so dear.

No, it doesn't seem like it was only just yesterday. It seems like it was many lifetimes ago.

Long ago, before destiny was so ruthless and unrelenting. Long ago, before the rain...

Story by:

Mark Martyre

8 September 2017