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Greetings From The Ruins Of The Castle Stubtoe!

I'm contacting you so you know we're fine, no matter what you might've heard. Yes, Nicolette did break her leg. She slipped as she danced in the mid-winter midnight rain, while attempting to contact the spirits, or conjure daemons, or whatever she's into these days. The guards were not too pleased; though they did all laugh when she fell. So much for their reputation of being tourist-friendly. I hid in the shadows until they trundled her away. I mean really, why should I get busted for her indiscretion?

I located her in one of the small stone cells deep beneath the fortified wall. You'd be proud of how quickly I remembered my mapping skills! Though to be honest, the dungeon is laid out on a grid with a north-south axis. How convenient, right? Nicolette was napping on a huge bed of straw. Maybe not "napping," exactly—more like passed out. Her broken leg was set between two boards and bound with some frayed rope. Looked sturdy enough to me. I slid under the iron door of her cell—I'm so slim these days! Must be my new diet—and whispered love-words in her ear until she awoke.

I believe she would've screamed when she saw me, if I hadn't quickly turned into a wisp of smoke. If she's so scared of me, why did she summon me in the first place? Such a puzzling turn of events: what say you?

Story by:

Hillary Lyon

29 August 2017