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Yea, I'm lucky. Yea, I should appreciate what I've got. So you would like to be in my shoes, would you. Sure, Bill, jump in. It's that time of year when I trade in my Ferrari for the next year's model. It's the old man's way of easing his conscience.

Hungry? Let's stop at that new restaurant across from the stock exchange. No, I buyin'. The dress code - forgot. Here, wear these shoes. Gouache - finest leather in the world. As a matter of fact, we're practically the same size. I'll pull into a gas station and we'll exchange clothes.

Hey, don't worry about the time. I'll not be at practice tonight.

Is that your phone? Your dad? Let me answer it. Hello, Mr. Williams. Yes, your son is with me. I know; you're concerned about him. How great is that. My old man is working late again. Yes, sir, became vice president of sales last week. Yea, he puts his heart and soul into his work. Before I go, I'm dropping your son off at Bailey's - You know that swank new restaurant downtown. I'm treating him to dinner. As a matter of fact, bring your whole family down. I'm buying. Here's your son.

Bill, get out. Go on in. Get a good table. Here's one, two, three hundred. Order the best steaks they have. You know something? I wish I were in your shoes. By the way, tell my family I'm sorry if I took them out of their busy schedule - that is if they even come to the funeral.

Story by:

Maynard Strawser aka Sam Garrett

22 February 2017