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Change Of Plans

Suddenly, everything makes sense. Roxie and Sam are fixin' to cut me outta the deal. The gall. They'd never have gotten the diamonds, if it wasn't for me.

Chewing bubble gum like cud, Roxie wags a snub-nosed revolver at me. "Not saying it again, Leonard. Put ‘em down and walk away from the ledge."

Sweat drips down my forehead. I sure as hell ain't dying for this. I ain't lettin' the diamonds go, either. I peer over the building ledge and consider jumping. It's only three stories. Two to the canopy over the entrance. I might make it. Then again, I'd never known Roxie to miss a shot.

Sam inches towards me.

"Back off!" I yell. "I'll throw ‘em over. I swear. I mean it!"

Sam's scoots closer. "Be reasonable."

Roxy raises the gun towards my face. My pulse pounds. "I liked the original plan. Let's go back to that one."

She tilts her head. "Uh-uh. New plan—"

Sam interrupts "—Give us the diamonds. And everyone lives."

"Suppose I don't like that plan?" I ask.

"Never asked your opinion." She cocks the gun.

I glance back down at the canopy. I'd never make it. Not without getting shot.

I sigh. "Okay… fine. You win." I step away from the ledge and toss her the bag. "There. You happy?"

She tucks it down her shirt and smirks. The gun pops. Sam falls off the roof.

"New plan," Roxie explains. She raises the gun at me and pulls the trigger.

Story by:

Stephanie Villegas

20 February 2017