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Mayo Anyone?

Troy arrives home from school hungry. She decides to make a sub sandwich. Troy notices the empty jar of mayonnaise on the counter and hopes they're not out.

Troy opens the refrigerator and sees a jar similar in size and color. The label she didn't recognize. Must be one of those cheap generic brands of mayo. Troy grabs the jar then spreads a generous portion of the mayonnaise on her sandwich. As she eats the sandwich she notices it taste a little funny. Of course she didn't expect it to taste as good as the name brand mayo.

After Troy gets done eating her mother walks in. Her mom usually didn't get home until later. Troy's mom had forgot to pick up something for work earlier. Her mom opens up the refrigerator and grabs a soda. "Troy do you know what happened to my jar of cockroach innards. I need them for a study at work?" Ask Troy's mom. Troy's mom is an entomologist.

Story by:

Denny E. Marshall

16 November 2015