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Apple Cider Vinegar And A Bluish Sweater

The smells of tea tree oil and soaps filled the small building. "Apple cider vinegar beats dandruff about as good as anything," the older man said as he fiddled with the bottom button on his bluish sweater. "Umm," she paused, "I'm just looking for something that helps with headaches. Does this work?" She held up a thin plastic cylinder half full of BB sized pellets. The older man told her that it did not work so well. He showed her to the end of the isle and a product that did.

"How long have you owned this store?" she asked the older man as she handed him six one dollar bills. "Only three years," he said and pressed more buttons on the register than he needed to, "but my wife has been here twenty-five years along with her first husband." His eyes told that he wanted to talk as he rolled the edges of her paper bag shut, but she had focused on the screen of her phone. She told him thank you and floated towards the door. "Apple cider vinegar," she asked turning sideways, door handle in her left hand. "Yes ma'am," he answered.

Returning to the isle for headache medications after the woman left, he moved the next vial in the box up to the front of the shelf. He turned a jar of beeswax to face forward and watched through the north windows for his wife to return with lunch. Unbuttoning the bottom of his lightest sweater, he leaned against the countertop, it was too warm.

Story by:

RV Scaramella

2 July 2014