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Lost In The Supermarket

You left your soul somewhere in the supermarket and forgot to pick it up. Somewhere between the cucumbers and the prepacked salads.

And you go back to get it, but it's gone.

You ask at customer service and the woman shrugs her shoulders and says that no one's handed in any souls, and you get mad at yourself for putting it down in the first place when you usually hold on to it like it's the most precious thing in the world. Because it probably is.

And you start wondering if you really did leave it by the prepacked salad. Maybe it was by the milk, or by the deli counter where that nice man works who always smiles as you walk past.

Maybe you never had a soul in the first place? But you're sure you did. You remember that feeling when you were waving sparklers in the back garden, buffeted by the autumn wind and full of the hope that comes with knowing you've still got time to change things.

So you walk out of the supermarket, wondering where it went.

And you walk home without it, hoping no one notices.

Story by:

James Lloyd

26 June 2014