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Ugly duckling

Buck was sipping his drink in his usual spot when the woman walked in. Stunned, he gave his friend Bud a shove. "Look at that!"

Bud did and almost choked. "No way! Iím dreaming, right?"

The woman handed a prescription to the drug store attendant.

Buck shook his head. "More like a nightmare. How ugly can they get ?"

"Who knows? Just when you think youíve seen it all, along comes one that makes you wish you were blind. I mean: that face! Itís all... I donít know, crooked. Those eyes! And her nose! She could cut someone with that thing!"

Buck grinned. "Sure could. And whatís that thing around her er... bottom?"

"A skirt, I guess."

"Is that what it is ? Could've fooled me. Does she have to show so much flesh?"

Bud sighed. "I know. Ugly as this, they ought to cover up. And canít she do something about all that hair?"

The woman dropped a blister of tablets in her purse and looked their way. She flashed a smile.

"Donít tell me sheís coming over!"

Waiting for her change, the woman adjusted the belt that hugged her slim waist and brushed back her long hair with slight, well manicured fingers. All she did was nod politely. Then she turned on her high heels and, slinging her purse over her delicate shoulder, walked out.

Bud sighed with relief. "For a sec there I thought we were in trouble." He nervously rubbed the inside of his nose pit with one of his scaly tentacles.

"I know, " Buck said, wiping his slimy, bulging forehead and sipping his drink with his long forked tongue. "Aliens. Hideous creatures!"

Story by:

Karel Smolders

submitted at 11:13am

30 April 2009