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Andy pressed SEND and closed the cover of his Field Command Computer. From the bunkerís narrow portal, he could see the Krikatons were now breeching the perimeter wire of Firebase Comatose.

The Krikeys were being mowed down by the hundreds, yet they numbered in the thousands, and Captain Andrew Morgan knew his small company of soldiers were doomed because of the overwhelming odds. He didnít bother shouldering his M-7 Laser Repeater, knowing that in a few seconds this battle would be lost.

Once the computer at Artillery Base Omega cleared his authorization code, the Photon warheads would begin raining down on this entire valley, including Firebase Comatose. The Field Command Computer automatically places a safety box around its user, but Andy had shrunk the box to a single pixel before sending the Fire-for-Effect command.

Two seconds later, he could see the speeding glow of death on the distant horizon.

Story by:

Jipper Morgan

submitted at 5:19am

30 April 2009