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The Last Pizza

"I really hate your table manners," I said to the man who was just materialising in the pizzeria and floated straight through my table and even through my four seasons pizza.

"Don’t worry," one of the waiters remarked. "These guys are mostly harmless. We’ve had more of them. They’re involved in an experiment in matter transmission and there’s the occasional glitch in the system. They shouldn’t materialise in here."

The man drifted off to my right and assumed solid shape when his feet were still under my neighbour’s table. He was stuck and howled with pain as he tore the table apart.

"Sorry for this mess," the waiter apologised. "We’ll take care of this."

"It’s all done for the sake of science," my neighbour remarked understandingly.

"It looks more like terrorism to me," I countered. "Just look at all the damage."

The bleeding man was helped and led away by a few waiters, and the wrecked table was replaced. My neighbour shook his head and said:

"We’re lucky this guy got stuck in the table. It could have been worse."

A few moments later I saw a foot and a lower leg materialise, protruding from my chest.

"There’s a thin line between science and terrorism," I cried out in panic. Those were my last words.

Story by:

Frank Roger

submitted at 8:58pm

25 April 2009

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